Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life Can Not be Photoshopped

Today, MediaTakeOut released photos of Bria Myles with and without Photoshop. Of course, the images are not great and even almost appalling. The truth is that readers click the link to the post in order to see what disaster unfolds on her skin. People want to see how "real" one is keeping it in glamor photoshoots. This action takes place with the background knowledge that when Adobe Creative Suite is on hand, nothing is "real".

Although people know that photos are enhanced to imitate the mysticism of glamour, the general public can not seem to remember it in everyday life. Specifically, women forget that no one looks like that. Instead, low self-eestem is in abundance and the interest in cosmetic surgery increases.

When will we women figure out that we are the way we are and we should learn to accept that?

Mediatakeout also posted images of Alisha Tran. This post was different than Myles' in so that it highlighted alledged cosmetic sugery. In particular, Tran was been accused of getting buttocks augmentation (booty implants). The "Before" picture can be seen here.

The message of the story: The grass is not always greener. The ass is not always jussier and the smile is not always brighter.

Stop believing the enhanced images and learn to enjoy what is in the mirror.

La Vixxen


  1. I personally don't find any of these images/women appealing. I love my real women, with real personalities, real minds and real flaws + I hate airbrushing just on photographic principle.
    Doesn't matter what I like though if women aren't comfortable with what they see in the mirror. Sad some women are so insecure when they're actually beautiful
    btw the link to the "After" pic is really 'before')

  2. Message me or whatever about corrections. I don't take them very lightly and turn into a bitch when confronted with them.